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Tutorial: Importing your calendars to Recitation

Learn how to import your calendars into Recitation! Follow our step-by-step tutorial or watch the video!

Step #1 - Add your Calendars to Apple Calendar

To begin, make sure that all of your calendars are added to your Apple Calendar.

Ex: Adding your Canvas Calendar



  1. Navigate to your Canvas settings by tapping the three bars on the top left and then the settings tab

  2. Select "Subscribe to Calendar Feed"

  3. Select "Subscribe" in Apple Calendar then select "Add"

  1. Navigate to your Canvas Calendar

  2. Select the "Calendar Feed" button in the bottom right corner

  3. Copy the URL

  4. Open Apple Calendar and select file then "New Calendar Subscription" then paste the URL

  5. Select "Subscribe" and then "Add"

Step #2 - Open Recitation and navigate to your backpack

In the top right corner of Recitation on your home page is a backpack. This is where you can keep track of all your classes, settings, and more. Open your backpack by tapping on the backpack icon.

Step #3 - Calendar Import Access

Tap on the tab titled "Calendar Import" and click "Allow access to calendar" and "Allow full access." This gives Recitation access to your calendars.

Step #4 - Select Calendars

Now select the calendars you would like to be displayed on Recitation.

Step #5 - Navigating your Calendars

Once you have imported your calendars, they will appear on Recitation (note: if they don't appear instantly, navigate to a few different days and see if they load in, it can take up to a minute to see all your events). You can tap on a calendar event to mark it as complete, or press the arrow to convert the calendar event to a Recitation task. Press and hold a calendar event to hide it or open it in your calendar. Hold the day to hide and unhide calendar events. In the week view, tap the calendar icon in the top right to switch between calendar and task views.

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