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Meet the Team

Troy Husted


Founder & CEO

Introducing Troy, the visionary force driving Recitation's technological innovation and strategic direction. As the original founder of the app and a skilled coder, Troy's journey began with a personal struggle to organize his academic workload while studying Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder. Motivated by his own challenges, Troy conceptualized Recitation to provide a solution for students facing similar obstacles. With his coding expertise and entrepreneurial spirit, Troy has brought his vision to life, developing a user-friendly and efficient platform that revolutionizes how students manage their assignments. 

Olivia Chandler

Co-Founder and Media Manager

Currently pursuing her Mechanical Engineering degree at the University of Colorado Boulder, Olivia brings a unique blend of artistic flair and technical expertise to the team. Her passion for design and commitment to innovation shine through in every aspect of Recitation's visual identity, from the logo to the website. Beyond her design prowess, Olivia excels in managing the app's media presence and marketing strategies, ensuring that Recitation reaches and resonates with its audience. With Olivia's dedication and creativity, Recitation is not just an app—it's a visually stunning and seamlessly functional tool for academic success.

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