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Effortless organization

Simplify your study life with the best assignment tracker app

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digital customizable homework planner

Customize your classes how you want

Choose from thousands of icons and colors to organize classes and assignments

Add and organize assignments in seconds

Add assignments and tasks with the click of a button, link them to the class, and add priority

streamline study routines

Study Effectively 

Recitation is the only assignment tracker app to feature a Pomodoro timer. Get all your assignments done using this proven technique.

Study effectively with our app's built in Pomodoro timer


Study effectively with our app's built in Pomodoro timer

Versatile Assignment Views

We understand that every student has their preferred method of organizing their study schedule. That's why we offer three distinct ways to view your assignments, ensuring flexibility and ease of use tailored to your needs.
Day View: Dive into the details of your day with our Day View feature. Here, you can see all the assignments and tasks scheduled for the current day, allowing for focused planning and execution of your academic responsibilities.
Week View: Zoom out and take a broader look at your week with our Week View option. Easily visualize your assignments and commitments for the entire week, enabling better long-term planning and time management.
Upcoming Assignments List: Stay ahead of the game by accessing our Upcoming Assignments List. This comprehensive list displays all your overdue and upcoming assignments and deadlines, giving you a clear overview of what's on the horizon and allowing you to prioritize tasks effectively.

View your schedule on your lockscreen

Recitation's newest feature is myDay, a way of using live activities to keep track of your schedule. Add your class times, locations, and days to each of your classes, then press the myDay icon to begin. Your schedule for the day will automatically appear on your lock screen so you know where to go and when!

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Not a student? Switch to Personal or Professional mode 

Recitation for Personal Use

Recitation is a versatile app designed to streamline personal organization and productivity. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, users can easily manage tasks, appointments, and goals all in one place. Whether it's keeping track of daily chores, scheduling gym sessions, or planning self-care activities, Recitation empowers individuals to stay on top of their personal responsibilities and well-being effortlessly. 

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